What a beautiful loooong Fall we’re having!  I keep getting confused about whether to wear a coat or not, but I like it.

I had a great time trading songs with Pat Wictor at University Cafe last month and am really enjoying settling into a groove with my practice routine.  It’s SO good to be home.  Being able to do ANYthing every day without interruption is such a beautiful thing that I really appreciate more than ever.  :)   Oh wait, did I mention that I got a puppy?  Haha, so much for no interruptions!  She is beautiful and funny and makes me laugh every single day.

In about a week I’m headed to the annual RESOSUMMIT down in Nashville.  That’s where all us dobro players get to nerd out with some of the best teachers and players from around the globe.  I’m adding in a few extra days for co-writes with some old and new friends.

On the gig front, I just got called to open a show for David Jacobs-Strain at the uber swanky Club Helsinki.  Really looking forward to trying out some new stuff and jamming it up with my buddy.  Hope to see you there!

Friday November 20th @ 9PM
Abbie Gardner SOLO – Opening for David Jacobs-Strain
Helsinki Hudson
405 Columbia St, Hudson, NY

More shows being added for 2016, including a co-bill tour with Brooks Williams in March and another with Jesse Terry in June!  Not to mention, not one, but TWO swing dance gigs.  I’m one lucky duck.

See ya’ soon!

:) Abbie