Happy New Year!  A lot to look forward to in the coming year. A lot of challenges and unknowns too, but it occurred to me yesterday during yoga that sometimes struggle is more interesting than ease. I was trying to hold this stretched out pose where one knee is deeply bent and the other is straight and my legs kept shaking, not cooperating, I kept falling over, resetting the pose, falling over again...  It was frustrating.  I started feeling out of shape and weak, wondering when the class would be over, hoping nobody noticed me.  Eventually we moved on to another pose that was easier for me.  I zoned out a bit until noticing out of the corner of my eye that the woman behind me was struggling.  She kept falling, then getting back up, resetting.  I had nothing but admiration for her. I realized how much more strength it takes to get back up after you fall, how much stamina and growth she was building by not giving up. I wanted to cheer her on! It's nice once in awhile when things are easy, but it also gets boring really fast.  There's no story there, no triumph.  SO, let's all let our legs wobble a bit, live on that edge where we have to try a little harder, cheer each other on and come out of it with some great stories!

The highlight of my January will be a special show at Jalopy Theatre in Brooklyn on 1/13 with my longtime friend Carolann Solebello.  We started Red Molly together back in 2004 (along with Laurie MacAllister) and though we haven't been on stage together since 2010, we were both in the RealWomenRealSongs project and are frequent attendees of the Jack Hardy Songwriters Exchange.

Really quick before I go- here's another video lesson from my Songbook.  This time I go through how to play "Honey on My Grave" on dobro.  Still a few copies of the book left if you haven't gotten one yet!

Stay warm and don't give up!  
I'll be cheering you on!
:) Abbie

PS- Coming soon:  The Turning Point (Piermont, NY), Voices Cafe (Westport, CT), Amazing Things (Framingham, MA), and a special Valentine's Day announcement...