This month I have my first truly SOLO gig in such a long time.  90 minutes of songs and stories on my own.  I'm pretty psyched!  SO excited to see what will happen when I'm left alone with an audience of my own!  (insert evil laugh here).  I've been working hard on some new songs and arrangements.  This kind of show really gives me a lot of time to explore more of what I can do on the Dobro.

My December 6th show is already sold out, but there's another SOLO show coming up on Jan 31 in Jersey City.  Meanwhile, I'm going to have some fun with friends on a few other December shows.  I like to do lots of different stuff, so Dec 19th I'll be doing a trio Jazz gig in Cedar Grove, NJ and on Jan 16th I get to share a show in Northampton, MA with the uber-talented Jim Henry.  This is the "big gun" the pros call in to recordings when they need a ringer to just make everything sound awesome and pulled together.  And we get a whole show together.  Can't wait.

Hope to see you out there!

:) Abbie