Bad Nights/Better Days

by Abbie Gardner/Anthony da Costa

Released 2008
Released 2008
The songs they used to be afraid to write. Real, Raw, and recorded in 3 days.
On three days in February, an award-winning 17-year-old songwriter and a member of Red Molly holed themselves up in a small wooden studio in Croton-on-Hudson, NY. Out came the songs they used to be afraid to write. Real and raw, there's no feel-good hit of the summer here.

Over the course of the record, in the tradition of an old-school concept LP, love is found, confused, lost, rediscovered, and redefined. The songs are filled with worn acoustic guitars, wailing electric guitars, crying Dobros, walls of lap-steel, junk percussion, soulful strings, and heartfelt vocals, complimented by vintage amps and the earthy tone of a wood room. This album is evidence of the human condition, in all of its glory and pain.


"While Abbie Gardner and Anthony da Costa mine the territory blazed by Gillian Welch and David Rawlings, by plumbing the depths of personal pain and joy, they extract gold. In its exquisite expression of longing and regret, Bad Nights - Better Days is a work of staggering emotional power. I can't stop listening."
-Richard Cuccaro, Acoustic Live! Magazine (NYC)

"What is most striking is the edge to the songs, the recordings are full of energy and life... they have a genuine feel of an honest recording that can often get lost in over-production."- Neil Pearson, Fish Records, UK

"Bad Nights/Better Days is absolutely beautiful. Whether Anthony is backing Abbie up or vice versa, their voices blend with a richness and warmth that pours over you. An emotional, evocative listen." - David Dirks, Acoustic Long Island

"Abbie Gardner and Anthony Da Costa represent the vanguard of the exciting artists that are coming up from the ranks of the contemporary folk/acoustic scene. Together they deliver a powerhouse performance on 13 songs that look at life and relationships from a unique and fresh perspective. A first rate recording that highlights each of their individual talents while underscoring a shared musical experience that is at the soul of the music they are creating."- Ron Olesko, WFDU